It’s an all too familiar story. A brand or corporation decides that it wants to get into social media and is energized for a month or two and then the reality sets in.

Social media takes time, focus, energy, budget and, most of all, planning to maximize success. We’ve all seen abandoned Twitter feeds, stagnant blogs, and outdated Facebook pages that held so much promise a few months ago.

The key to social media success lies in careful planning. Here are five common signs of a lack of social media planning:
  1. Singular focus on selling – Every post, tweet and Facebook update reads like an ad. It is clear to all viewers that this company is trying to leverage the new media to sell in the old way- “buy my product, please.” If you’re only selling delivery pizza, this approach works…maybe. But, consumers will soon disengage and demand something deeper– content that is relevant to them and their lives.
  2. You have no measurable objectives – There is so much to be learned if you take the time to measure. That means looking beyond followers and fans and taking advantage of the trackable nature of this medium.
  3. You have too many measurable objectives – There is so much to measure, once you get started it can get overwhelming. It’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis and curl up into a fetal position. Breathe deeply and drill down to the metrics that matter.  Is your content being shared? Are visitors returning regularly? Do your posts or updates on a particular product have a measurable impact on sales?
  4. Sporadic posts – Regular content updates are important. They build the relationship, encourage repeat site visits, and establish credibility. Align your content with your brand communications plan- they should be fully integrated.
  5. Responding – from DM to Facebook comments, if you are not responding then you have a problem. Engage with your audience and move the conversation forward.

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