More often than not, organizations do not have a clear picture of whom they are engaging online. When asked, they might answer:

“Our customers”

“Interested parties”

“The social media community…”

A business, service or brand must know with whom they are engaging or the relationship cannot move forward. Social media is no different. A social media presence that does not factor in the key role that audience plays is one destined to fail.

So, what do we mean by “audience”?

Your audiences are those that allow your business to exist including customers, influencers, subscribers, stockholders, donors, employees, media, etc…

At BroadStreet Partners, our planning process begins with an examination of our clients’ audience(s):

  • Who are your best customers? Why?
  • Who influences the desired outcome (e.g. purchase, join, donate, etc.)?
  • Where do they currently spend time online? When?
  • What do they do while online?
  • Who are your most active online customers?

This information allows us to build actionable customer profiles, which drive your ongoing digital communication efforts. The benefits of better audience understanding include:

  • The ability to create sharper, more relevant content
  • Targeting messaging to specific customer profiles
  • Feedback and engagement becomes more meaningful
  • The opportunity to identify and motivate your most ardent fans

Just as in any conversation, the more knowledge – the better the dialogue. So, take the time to learn and understand your audiences before engaging online. They will appreciate the effort.

Want to learn more? Contact BroadStreet Partners and let us show you how we can deliver better results for your digital marketing investment.